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Q. How do I find the diagram with the parts I need?

A. Look through the categories to the right and find the one you need, then click on model number that corresponds to your product.
Price Pfister Faucets Index
Kitchen - Two Handle Faucets
Model 36-4DCC
Model 835-258
Model H35-028
Model T35-2210

Model 36-CL4C
Model 871-80SS
Model T36-85BC
Model 835-040
Model 8H6-84BC
Model T35-121
Kitchen - Single Handle Bar Faucets
Model 72-M1CC
Model 72-M1ZZ

Model 72-M1SS Model 72-M1RR
Kitchen - Single Handle Faucets
Model 26-3NCC
Model 26-4DSS
Model 26-4YPC
Model 26-4YPK
Model 34-4HAC
Model 34-4HAZ
Model 34-4TZZ
Model 34-PHAZ
Model T26-4YPK
Model T26-4YPZ
Model T34-3TZZ
Model T34-4HAY
Model T34-PTZZ

Model 26-3NSS
Model 26-4NCC
Model 26-4YPCU
Model 26-4YPY
Model 34-4HAS
Model 34-4TCC
Model 34-PHAC
Model 34-PTCC
Model T26-4YPU
Model T34-3TCC
Model T34-4HAC
Model T34-PHAY
Model 26-4DCC
Model 26-4NSS
Model 26-4YPE
Model 34-1TCC
Model 34-4HAY
Model 34-4TSS
Model 34-PHAS
Model T26-4YPE
Model T26-4YPY
Model T34-3TSS
Model T34-4HAS
Model T34-PTSS
Kitchen - Pull-Out Faucets
Model 526-50BK
Model 529-7DSS
Model 529-7YPZ
Model T529-YPK
Model T529-YPZ
Model T531-YPY

Model 526-50CC
Model 529-7YPS
Model T529-YPC
Model T529-YPU
Model T531-YPC
Model 526-50SS
Model 529-7YPU
Model T529-YPE
Model T529-YPY
Model T531-YPK
Kitchen - Laundry & Utility Faucets
Model 69-020
Model T71-421

Model T71-221
Model T71-80BC
Model T71-3210
Bathroom - Shower/Tub Systems
Model 01-111
Model 01-341
Model 01-81PC
Model 01-8CPC
Model 801-338

Model 01-318
Model 01-81BC
Model 01-8CBC
Model 01-911
Model 01-321
Model 01-81BP
Model 01-8CMB
Model 01-918
Bathroom - Shower Only - Two Handle
Model 07-111
Model 07-8cpc

Model 07-81bc Model 07-8cbc
Bathroom - Shower Only - One Handle
Model R89-70XC-SGL-A0VC
Model R89-70XP-SGL-A0VP

Model R89-70XC-SGL-JLBC
Bathroom - Roman Tub Faucets

Bathroom - Tub Faucets
Model 05-118

Bathroom - Two Handle Faucets
Model 48-DC00
Model 49-DC00
Model 49-DP00
Model T49-DC00

Model 48-DK00
Model 49-DK00
Model T48-DP00
Model T49-DK00
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